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Local Author Publishes Book


Frank Walker a registered Marriage and Family Therapist working at Chapel Grace here in Coalinga has written his fifth book.

The book titled, A Word from the Word, a Daily Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew is part of a series of books the author has written since beginning his work at the church three years ago.

Walker began writing as a way to meet the needs of his clients outside the therapy office. He has written books on anger, friendship and another daily commentary on the Old Testament. Another book on anxiety is soon to be published. All of the books are meant to help the readers understand themselves in the light of scripture. The books are filled with questions for thought and discussion.

The author works as a therapist and is also a licensed pastor on staff at the church. He deals with family based issues but has a particular heart for those having marital problems. He has presented workshops on parenting, understanding men and sexuality to members of the church and community. Walker was interviewed on the Bible Czar Internet Radio program this past spring. The show comes out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He will be interviewed again in October to discuss, raising successful families.

This fall walker will be presenting a seminar on Anger for the community at Chapel Grace.

The author is a former teacher at Coalinga High School and is working under supervision to complete his hours toward state certification as a therapist.

Anyone interested in meeting with Frank Walker can contact the Chapel Grace office.

The books are available on-line at and through Chapel Grace.