Eight Crosses


Eight Crosses.

We have added cross number eight to our living room wall. They represent our grandchildren and were bought as we anticipated each of their births.

We want our grand kids to know how important they are to us by placing their cross up on the wall for everyone to see.

As their grandparents we want them to know that all we want for them is centered on the symbol of the cross. The cross is a symbol of the love of Jesus and our love for them. These crosses are a sign of our dedication to them and to the grace of the cross.

At some point we will give these crosses to each grandchild as a sign to them that we will always have them in our hearts and prayers. Then maybe we will fill our walls with crosses representing our great grandchildren.

5 thoughts on “Eight Crosses

  1. Jenn Johnson

    Such a beautiful idea!! Theresa shared your blog on her facebook! So happy I found it!

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