Relationship Advice:Love is a burning thing!!

Excerpt from the book

Love A 40 day Biblical Approach to Love

Song of Solomon 8:7

Many waters cannot quench love…

Johnny Cash’s song “Ring of Fire” states, “Love is a burning thing”. The man in black was right. Love, true love cannot be put out, turned off, or quenched by water. The warmth of love for another lasts forever. True love can be tested. Time, distance, and troubles will only strengthen love, not pull it apart.

The giddiness of a first love matures and is fruitful through seasons of change. Love grows and strengthens through the tests of time. The only real love is a love that has been tested by many waters and is unquenchable. Expect trials and tests of your love for one another and love wholly and dearly. True love will not be quenched.

  1. What are your favorite love songs? Why those songs? Check the words of the songs and see what is said about love from the singer’s standpoint? Do you believe those lyrics?
  2. Marriages fail at an alarming rate. Why do you think they fail?
  3. What makes a successful marriage?