Parenting: The Number One thing Parents Can do…

I have been asked what is the number one thing that parents can do for their children to succeed as adults.

Here is the answer to that question.

The number one thing that parents can do for their children is to love one another and show it. Children must see their parents love for one another in action. A husband and wife should be hugging, kissing and holding hands in front of their kids. Children need to hear their parents say “I love you” to each other and show it.

Why? Number one children need to see the security that the parents love brings. No matter what happens in life the love that a husband has for his wife will not fail. Other things will fail but not the love of the parents and in turn, the love the parents have for their children. Secondly, children need this model of love as a base to build their future relationships and marriage. Third, a love that a man has for a woman in a Christian marriage is a symbol of the love God has for us. Children see the love of God through our love for one another.

Next time your child sees you give a big kiss to your spouse and says, “Gross”, just say thank you and know that they are seeing love is a priority in your home.

One thought on “Parenting: The Number One thing Parents Can do…

  1. Maryse Fischer

    I totally agree. Children also find security in the fact that their parents love each other. My parents weren’t that affectionate with each other, and I wish they had shown us that they loved each other. They’re still together and happy, but sometimes it’s just reassuring for a child.

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