Relationship Advice: Love One Another

wedding12John 4:11

Beloved, if God so loved us, He also ought to love one another.

You remember the situation. You were a kid and you had a fight and argument with a friend, foe, or family member. An adult teacher, parent, or neighbor said, shake hands, say you’re sorry, and make up. You shook hands but really didn’t mean it. You would get back at them, somehow. The adults were satisfied though and it was supposed to be all done and fixed.

You’re older now and things have really not changed. Negative things still happen and you’re asked to apologize, shake hands, and say you’re sorry. Those little kid hassles are now big, adult hassles. You probably won’t punch someone out, but who knows.

The verse above says God loves and so should you. Tough stuff to do in that childish mindset we still hold on to. So what’s a person to do with that Crockpot in the cubical next to you? What should we do about the cranky neighbor with the cats or the spouse that has gone cold? Sorry but you “ought” to love them. There isn’t any other answer, but to love them. Hey, that’s what God does for you. That’s at least a good starting point.

  1. Who are the people who really get on your nerves? Make a list.
  2. Figure out what it is that they do that really pushes your button. Is there a common pattern? How much of the problem is you? How much of the problem is really them?
  3. Can you think of a place, time or location that might alter your negative feelings? In other words what do you have control over that might change things.
  4. Maybe your attitude needs to change? Give love a chance.

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