Decorate Your I Love You

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Decorate your I Love You


It is so easy to say I love you. I was watching a music program on TV the other night and almost all the contestants said how they loved the judges and the judges said the same in return. Did they really love each other? Probably not. It was a nice sentiment yet when the rubber hits the road are those singing contestants going to be calling up the celebrity judges in the middle of the night to have heart to heart talks. Probably not.

Let your I love you really mean something. Decorate your love language. If you love someone put some reasons behind your love. Put meaning to your words when you say I love you.

Say I love you, because. Show your I love you in your actions.

Decorate those I love you words with the true meaning that the words and your loved one deserve. You are not a person that does not mean what you say. So don’t say the words without decorating them with the full meaning of what you are saying.


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Frank Walker