Dealing with Those People

Matthew 18:16

“But if he does not listen to you…”


Jesus gives us a specific plan for dealing with people that have wronged us. It’s a one, two, three plan that can take a lot of aggravation out of the process of dealing with “those” people. But like so many people do we try everything else first before we think about how God wants us to deal with stuff.

So much of our troubles and hassles can and would be solved if we went to our fellow believers in the church. Why should we involve the institutions of the world when God calls us to work out our troubles among the believers?

So what’s the plan? First go to the one you are having a problem with and try to fix it. If that doesn’t work bring one or two as witnesses to try to bring about change. Again if that doesn’t work on to step three. You take the whole situation to the elders of the church, then to the entire church congregation. It all sounds so extreme but so is hiring a lawyer and going to civic court. The step by step God plan is set up to diffuse the problem and allows people of prayer to get involved. With God’s help it shouldn’t go beyond step two.

Reconciliation is the key here. Reconciliation is the way to solve any problem. Lawsuits, courts and lawyers only bring financial loss and a bitterness that will never go away.

Work out the God plan that Jesus set down. It costs less and has a better guarantee.


  1. OK who do you have a complaint against? Be honest. If there are a lot make a list.
  2. Have you tried this God plan to solve the problems you are having? Why not?
  3. Are your problems too big for God to handle?
  4. If your answer to the last question started out with but…. then is your faith too small?