Your Going to Get Shunned


excerpts from my book

Shut Up

A 40 day Biblical Approach to Controlling Your Mouth

Mark 6:11

And any place that does not receive you or listen to you…

Know this from the start not everybody is going to like the fact that you’re a Christian. Christians make people nervous, they don’t know how to act around us, and they have to watch themselves.

Maybe that is the very reason Christians are here, to keep the world in check and focused on the true meaning of life. But none the less a lot of people just don’t want Christians around them, we ruin their fun.

So we Christians need to be prepared to be shunned, to thicken our skins a bit and to know when to walk away sometimes even far away.

If you’re in a situation where you know that your Christian walk is being compromised by friends, a neighborhood or fellow workers maybe it’s time to do a little dust shaking, read the rest of the verse, and move on.

  1. Are the areas in your life where you have to make compromises with your Christian walk?  Talk about them.
  2. What are some alternatives you can think of to make your Christian life easier?
  3. Are there areas in your life where there can be no compromise with your Christian values?
  4. What’s your plan? What steps must you take not to compromise?