Don’t Drink The Poison


Don’t Drink the Poison


So the client tells me “It is over, I can’t take it anymore, I want out. If this is the way he/she wants it’s OK by me”.


My answer to my client is don’t drink the poison, yet.


There is always hope. In fact I as your counselor am a messenger of hope. If you are here with me now in counseling then you know there is hope. Don’t kill your marriage, your love and don’t drink the poison.


All of you know Shakespeare’s sweet tale of love Romeo and Juliet. It is what so many feel is the way true love should be. But understand that the tale is a tragedy.


If only dear Romeo had waited a little longer. If only time was in his favor. But his despair drove him to the death and the death of his own true love. He drank the poison and never found that in reality his true love Juliet was still alive.


Yes, you are hurting from what she/he did_________________ (you fill in the blank).


If there ever was true love between the two of you then don’t drink the poison, don’t kill your love. Wait, give it a little more time, have hope. There is a solution, there is an answer and there always is hope.


The final line in the play Romeo and Juliet is this:


“For never was there a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”


Don’t drink the poison.


Frank Walker registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern #59002

Under supervision.