Good Grandparents #6

6. Is not afraid to be playful.

OK this is going to contradict number 5.

Grandparents can have fun and be funny. We can joke around and play games. Kids need to see that growing up can be fun. We are the people that can show them the fun and glory of life. Their parents are too busy sometimes and too stressed. It goes both ways. Having fun with the kiddos can help you stay young. If not young in your knee joints at least young in your heart. Be that playful Grandparent. Make found memories for your grand kids.

Here is the entire list:

A good grandparent

  1. Is first a good parent.
  2. Is part of the family system.
  3. Is a refuge for the kids and parents.
  4. Respects the parent’s rules.
  5. Is wise.
  6. Is not afraid to be playful.
  7. Takes the time to listen
  8. Doesn’t give advice unless it is sought
  9. Asks questions
  10. Has a piece of candy in their purse or pocket

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  1. Mike Walker

    So if i hang out with you in Cambria you’ll have a candy bar ready in your pocket? I am heading over NOW!!!!!

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