Good Grandparents #7

7. Takes the time to listen.

We live in an age of noise and verbiage. A Grandparent has or should have the time to sit and just listen to the grand kids.  If you listen first then the kids will be open to your wise counsel. You need to have some wise counsel but don’t give it until first you are willing to listen. The kid’s parents are often times out of time and out of energy from the work it takes to be parents. Grandparents have the wiggle room to give the time needed to listen. Remember there is more to this listening thing than just being there. Be there to hear, see and feel what is being expressed by those dear ones.


Here is the entire list:

A good grandparent

  1. Is first a good parent.
  2. Is part of the family system.
  3. Is a refuge for the kids and parents.
  4. Respects the parent’s rules.
  5. Is wise.
  6. Is not afraid to be playful.
  7. Takes the time to listen
  8. Doesn’t give advice unless it is sought
  9. Asks questions
  10. Has a piece of candy in their purse or pocket