Do The Right Thing

1 Peter 2:15

… By doing right you may silence the ignorance of the foolish man.

We don’t have to be loud. We don’t have to be quick with a witty comeback. Much of the time all we have to do is the right thing. Abraham Lincoln when talking about slavery in 1860 stated,      “Let us have the faith that right makes might…”

Just by standing for what is right will silence the foolish that in ignorance do what is wrong.

So many times people search for the easy way, fudge a little, lie and cheat a little to make it in the world. Everyone else is doing it, that’s the way it is done. Know this; doing what is right is always what is right. There is no other way. Wrong can never be justified.

  1. Have you ever been in a place where you were asked to lie, look the other way or ignore wrong? Talk about it. Think about the situation.
  2. Could you make it right? How?
  3. Is there a time when wrong is right? Discuss that time.

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