School Expectations

Prepare for School

I know, I know, I don’t want to bring it up but school is almost back in session. Stores are selling school supplies and the ads all feature fall clothing. So prepare yourself and your kids for the coming school year.

Parents your attitude affects the way kid’s think about school.

Talk to them about school and tell them your positive experiences in the classroom. If you had bad experiences in school temper that with what school is supposed to be. Too many kids come to class with their parent’s prejudices toward school. School is one of the most important parts of your children’s lives, encourage a positive attitude and have a positive attitude yourself.

School is not just about grades. Grades are important. However, the biggest thing that school teaches is how to get along. School teaches us to be citizens of this country, how to cooperate and how to participate in something larger than ourselves. School is about relationships and a shared knowledge.

Parents should model for their kids how they should act and react in school. Talk to them about teachers and how to get along with them. Kids need to know that there will always be someone who will have expectations of them. There will be teachers, supervisors and bosses wherever they go.

Talk about bullies and what they can do to help themselves survive tough situations. Build your child’s self esteem so that it will be hard for the bullies in school and in the rest of their lives to tear them down.

Set goals and expectations for your child in school. Your child needs to know that you put value in their education. They need to know that they have responsibility to the school, their teachers and to you to do their best. Education is not just the school’s responsibility. Parents are the primary educators and must be a positive influence in the education of our nation’s children.

Summer has gone by fast. Another school year is upon us. Let’s do all we can to make it a great school year.