Yikes The Holidays are Almost Here

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Mei Teng


Yikes, the Holidays are almost here. The Holidays can be wonderfull and/or can be overwhelming. Get a handle on them before they handle you. Here are some early bird hints as the Holidays fast approach.

  • Have a Plan.

Start now and decide how you want the Holidays to be. Don’t let the Holidays just happen. You have the time and it is better to be prepared.

  • Prioritize.

Know what matters, don’t guess. Food on the table trumps gifts under the tree. A vacation trip next summer over shadows immediate pleasures. Know what matters and do that.

  • Know your limits.

Yes, you have a credit card but you will have to pay the bills. Don’t go overboard or into debt just to please those around you. There are limits. Buy stuff that will last. Remember buy for quality and forget the idea that more is better.

  • Stick to it.

Yea, I know that “thing” the kids want is on sale. But don’t be swayed, stick to the plan. No impulse buying.

  • The kids won’t die.

No matter what they say your kids will not be harmed if they don’t get the latest, greatest gizmo or fashion.

  • Invest in experiences.

They won’t remember the stuff but will remember the time they spent with you. These experiences build memories. Memories last not toys.

  • Be honest.

You aren’t made out of money and the family needs to know that up front. Times are hard let everyone know the limits.

  • You can’t buy love.

Buying stuff for people does not prove how much you love them. Loving, caring, supporting, listening, helping and being present are real ways to show love. 

Frank Walker, registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern