Smiling Faces, pretend…

Proverbs 4:24

Put away from you a deceitful mouth and put devious lips far from you.

Remember the song by the Temptations, “Smiling Faces”? The lyrics go,

“Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend. Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within”.

Proverbs tells us to put away deceit. A deceitful person says one thing but means another. These people have a hidden agenda. They try to manipulate you and the situation in their favor. They use and abuse your friendship and confidences.

To a certain extent we all manipulate and take advantage of one another. Sending flowers to a loved one can be construed as manipulating, a way of gaining favors. However, a deceitful person acts only in his/her own favor with little regard for the feelings of another. A devious person uses our feelings and emotions as a stepping stone to their own advantage.

Stay far away from this deceiver. Pray for discernment when you encounter them, remember that smiling faces sometimes…

  1. Talk about those people in your life that have used and abused you to get their way. You don’t have to name names.
  2. Did their manipulations work?
  3. What are the final results for a deceiver? Can they continue to deceive?