2014 Yikes


2014 Yikes

So we are stuck with another year.
So what are you going to do with this brand new year? You know what I mean. What is going to be happening for you with the year to come? Just the same old same old or are you going to do the things that really need to get done? You want something different for yourself and those around you don’t you? Admit it you really do want things to change.

So what’s the plan? How are things going to be different if you’re not the one to make the change?

This is your life so get off whapencilst you’re sitting on and do something, some one thing to make this a different year and a more productive life for yourself.

Hey, I’m not talking about some big astronomical change though that would be great. But how about a few baby steps? Make some small changes that will move you in the right direction.

Here are a few suggestions:
• Read your Bible on a daily basis. Get to know God better this year.
• Eat a wholesome breakfast every day. Start the day with fuel in your tank.
• Make a homemade lunch for yourself at least most of the days a week.
• Get to bed earlier every night. More sleep means a nicer you.
• Read one book a month for the year. Yes read and learn something new.

These are simple things, right? But they go a long way in changing your life and daily routine. With each you have to make lifestyle changes to accommodate them. You have to get up earlier, prepare, make time, plan in advance and commit to make any of them happen. If you can do these few simple things just think of what else you might accomplish.

Frank Walker registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern