Another year

Yes, it’s another year. You’re older and wiser, right?
So what are your plans for the New Year? Are you going to diet, get more exercise, will 2013 be a better year or just more of the usual? I hope you are not saying more of the usual.
I really hope you are going to change or make some changes in this New Year. Why, because change will happen even if you don’t? Wouldn’t it be better if you had a handle on the change instead change having its way with you? The same old, same old ain’t the way it is supposed to be.
We are Christians and change is what we are all about. God never changes and that is truth (Malachi 3:6). But, we Christians are clay in His hands (Jeremiah 18:6). We have to be ready to change to the will of the Father. So count on change and be ready for it.
So what are you going to do with this New Year that God has provided?
I would love to give you some suggestions. Here are a few simple things you can do to change for the better and they won’t hurt too much.
• Get 8 hours sleep, go to bed earlier each night, really.
• Eat a good breakfast; get fuel in your tank each morning.
• Drink more water. 8 glasses a day.
• Take a 15 minute walk every day.
• Make your lunch, include a healthy mid-day snack.
• Get up 15 minutes earlier each day. Don’t rush into the day.
• Read from God’s word daily. ( Here’s a plug for my book A Word from the Word)
• Take more naps.
• Pray more, play more. You have been too serious, so relax a bit this year.
• Write a note to a loved one once a week. Don’t text or Facebook, write.
• Go on dates with your spouse, plan weekly, and monthly get a ways.
This is easy stuff, so try it. I didn’t use the word diet or exercise or work out or program. Just take small baby steps. You can make changes that will make you a better you and a better servant of the Lord. Your therapist recommends it.
Frank Walker, Chapel Grace Family Services