You hate Valentine’s Day?



You hate Valentine’s Day?

I got myself into a hornet’s nest when I responded to a blog by mission:husband (, “Why Valentine’s day makes me want to barf”.

I understand the pressure that comes with a day like Valentine’s Day. Yes, the day is commercialized and all that. Companies, stores and ads are all telling us guys especially what we should buy to win our sweetheart’s love.

So what? Ignore the day, get out of the country or maybe just embrace the idea behind the day and go with it. Of all the days of the year this is the only one set aside for gulp love. There are political holidays, memorial holidays and religious holidays throughout the year; this one day is set aside for love stuff. So don’t buy in to the hype surrounding the day but embrace the sentiment.

Get your loved one something that is not corny but something that tells them you love them despite the pressure of the day.

Hey, or go with the flow and get something cheesy and laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Commercialism has taken over all the holidays. The amount of hype over Halloween scares me. Martin Luther King would crack up looking at all the sales on his holiday. But that is just the society we live in and partake of. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a good sale on MLK day, as silly as it sounds.

Don’t tell me your wife wouldn’t accept some little something that you picked out for her on Valentine’s Day because the day is too commercialized.

Yes, our love should be 365 days a year but what’s wrong with one day set aside to recognize that love.


3 thoughts on “You hate Valentine’s Day?

    1. frankjwalker

      Thanks for the reply.
      I’m California in the middle of a draught. It’s been spring for months.
      Guys have a tough time with Valentine’s day. I understand. But guy have a tough time with just about everything.

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