Sometimes making the bed in the morning makes you a hero



Sometimes making the bed in the morning makes you a hero.

Hero has become an overused word today. But I am going to use the term anyway. Heroes do things that are out of the ordinary; usually the deeds are done in the face of danger and the possible loss of life. The act of heroism may mean the loss of the hero’s own life.

But isn’t that what heroes do. They do something out of the ordinary despite the loss of themselves.

Sometimes the day to day little sacrifices you make can be heroic. Like making the bed in the morning, when it isn’t normally your thing to do. Like taking out the trash and unloading the dishwasher without being told. These little things are selfless acts and that is what heroic acts are selfless. When you do something heroic you give away some of yourself centeredness. When you become a hero it becomes more about us or we and less about me.

Be a hero today do something out of your ordinary routine. Put a smile on someone’s face by doing some heroic little thing to save the day and change the mood in another’s life.

Small little acts of heroism can actually save a life, a married life, a family life and a relationship. By doing something out of the ordinary you can change feelings, move things in new directions and change the direction things are going.

Be heroic and do something, some little act of heroism today.


Frank Walker

MFT intern