Alleluia It’s Raining

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OK so this isn’t a big deal for anyone outside the western states but today it rained. A good rain. We have been in a serious draught here in California. It has not rained for months.

My little town of Cambria on the central coast has had water restrictions in place for months. We can’t water outside plants, can’t wash our cars and they are implementing further restrictions in the coming months. We have had a bucket in the shower to catch water to water our outside plants. Hey, it really has been that bad.

So today it rained a good rain. We put buckets outside to collect rain water and moved our vehicles out so they can be washed by the sweet, sweet rain. People are hugging and smiling for the cloudy rainy weather.

It will probably not be enough to halt the drought but it was enough to wet our hopeful spirits.

Alleluia it’s raining.