This is Not Valentine’s day



This is not Valentine’s Day

You may have notice that I wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day yesterday. It was not Valentine’s Day.

But here is my point.

I got into a blog exchange with a marriage blogger who hated being forced into doing things on V Day because he had too.

I disagreed with him and felt that any day set aside for love was something to get behind. I did agree that the advertising hype and pressure was over the top. But honestly most holidays are taken advantage of by our culturally induced need to make a sale.

So setting that aside this is not Valentine’s Day.

So do something today to show your spouse that you love them.

There is no sales hype today and no need to be pressured. Buy her some flowers. Give him a card and his favorite candy or go for a romantic dinner. Do something today and tomorrow too to show your spouse that you love them.

Celebrate your love on this not Valentine’s Day.

Happy not Valentine’s Day.


Frank Walker

Marraige and Family Therapist

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