My Constant Concern



There is so many things that we have to worry about these days. Wars, jobs, taxes, gas prices and just all around survival causes us concern.

A constant concern of mine is the continuing collapse of our families. I’m not talking about the divorce rate, which is a huge problem. I am concerned for the families that are together but just barely hanging on.

Husbands and wives are more roommates than partners. Children are just endured and sent off to the sitter and then schools where someone else can deal with them.

Parents keep score to see who is ahead as if marriage was a game. “What’s in it for me?” is the biggest concern. The love that was once the reason for marrying has long gone as the daily grind of living has taken any joy out of being together.

When families are at home, which is rare they never seem to communicate. When there is communication it seems to be only for negative reasons.

Kids seem to be always plugged into some sort of media. Their bedrooms have all they need a TV, computer and video gizmos. With all the stuff why would they want to or need come out and interact with a family that they only see as hostile. Home is just a place where the stuff is stored and nobody really wants to be together anyway.

Whoa, wait a minute; this is not a pretty picture I’m painting. What’s a person to do? Stop it, would be a good answer. Get off of your, “Me first” horse and be the Christian you are supposed to be.

This family thing you are involved  in is of utmost importance to you, your children, your church and the local community. Make the sacrifices that need to be made to turn the lives of your spouse and children around. Be the mother, be the father you were meant to be and called to be.

Yes, it takes hard, hard work. Good things take hard work. Your family is a good thing that is worth the hard work.

Frank Walker

Marriage and Family Therapist

3 thoughts on “My Constant Concern

  1. laydii

    All I could say after reading this was “Ok, God, I hear you, loud & clear”. So to you I say, thank you for being a willing messenger. 😀

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