God Is Up There…



John 3:16

Excerpt from my book

Love, A 40 Day Biblical Approach to Love

For God so loved the world…

We have these images of God in our heads.

He’s up there, in the clouds and has a long white beard. Most of our visions of God don’t include a view of God as a lover. He’s all powerful, holy and on top of that creator of everything.

Yet, it is sometimes hard for us to fathom that He loves us, really loves us. God, our God is an intimate God. He wants to touch us, to get in close, and hold hands and dance cheek to cheek with us.

God so loves us that He will do almost anything for us.

 Think About this:

  1. What ideas did you have as a kid about God? What did he look like? Act like?
  2. Do you still have those same ideas as you have grown? Why? Why not?
  3. What needs to change in your mind and life to recognize the God of love?
  4. Is there a place for a loving God in your world? The world of your family and friends?



3 thoughts on “God Is Up There…

  1. angieinspired

    This familiar verse was the one for memorization this week at Lady’s Study. I needed to think differently about it, because it should speak new things to me 30+ years into Christian walk.

    1. frankjwalker

      Thanks for the comment.
      God has many faces. Father, Son,Spirit and a face to fit all our needs. It may mean a lover, helper, friend and even judge. All for our every need.

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