Change You, Change Me

Poster child for change


Change You, Change Me


I have written a lot about change and I will be writing a lot more.


  • Count on Change


Because it comes down to this, we have to change, to survive. Change is one of the only things we can count on.
Changes have to be made in all the stages of our lives whether were young or if we are in our later years. We all have to adapt and we all have to change.


Today’s my birthday. It is no big deal, please don’t send me presents.


I’m 62 years old today and I am an example of what it means to change.


  • After 30 years


After 30 years as a high school teacher I changed careers and now I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. Getting my license took a lot of hard work and it took eight long years to complete.


The process included getting a masters degree, a trainee period and far too many years working as an intern. Then the worst thing happened I didn’t pass the first of the two state exams and had to wait 180 days to take the test again. Just this past January I passed the second exam.


I cannot tell you the number of roadblocks there were to my finishing and the many times I wanted to quit. The point is I made the changes in my life to reach the goal. I did it. Despite even my own self doubts.

  • Be your own example of change…


I hope I can be a “Poster Child” for the changes that can be made. Look at me I’m 62 (yikes) and I changed my career and my life. But more importantly you need to be your own example of change.


  • You know what needs to change…


Maybe you don’t need to make huge career changes like I did. But there are small things in your life that can be changed to make the life you’re more fulfilling and complete. You know what needs to change. Do something that will make your life better. Make that change.


  • Change


But please remember this, change is a constant. You will be required to change throughout your life. So embrace change and change.


Frank Walker LMFT