Embrace Who You Are…



Matthew 1:1



Where have you come from? 

What is your families’ history? 

How far can you go back in your families’ genealogy?

You are not alone; you’re carrying a long line of influences with you as you walk around.

You are more like your family and relatives than you might want to admit. 

How did they survive?  How did they work things out?  How can you model your life after their successes? 

God has put a lot of work into making you who you are. You are a mixture of genes, histories, and circumstances that make you the unique you.

God is the great chemist who mixed all those things together to make you happen. 

Embrace that uniqueness; look at your families past to see your future. 

God has worked out great things for you.




7 thoughts on “Embrace Who You Are…

  1. angieinspired

    It used to worry me that depression ran in my family, suicide as well. Then I realized I am responsible for my own decisions, yet Satan knows what works to bring me down. All he has to do is look at history. It’s a two-edged sword, but I do not despair my families’ history anymore.

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