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So what’s your plan for the summer season?

How about getting out there with family and friends and enjoy the weather. Turn off the tube, close down the computer and get outside. You have been stuck for too long inside you need to get some fresh air. The change will do you good.


One, you need to get the vitamin D the sun provides, at least 10 minutes a day. Vitamin D helps with keeping you in balance and helps especially with your sleep.

Two, you know you can use a little exercise.

Three, you have been closed in and you’re getting on one another’s nerves. Get outside; give yourself and your family some room to maneuver.

Get busy in your garden and pull some weeds and plant some seeds and flowers. Get involved with God’s creation.

Have the family join in and plant some vegetables. You know the home the grown variety tastes better and hey, you saved money and grew it yourself. Let the kids adopt a plant to grow, let them take some pride in the home and its produce. I know this may be harder than it sounds, but the work is worth it. Think of skills you will provide the kids for their future.

Four to top it off you need honor God. Look what He said in the first chapters of Genesis, this creation is “good”. Get outside and honor God’s goodness.


Frank Walker LMFT