Summer Thoughts from your Therapist 5


Summer Thoughts from Your Therapist

“… There ain’t no cure for the summer time blues”.

Eddie Cochran

Make a vow that this summer will be different.


5.        Never use the five letter word.

You know the word. “Bored” It is funny how the kids look forward to summer and then after one week they are bored.

If you have a to do list for the summer there should never be a time that things are not happening or are going to happen. You need things to look forward to. Promise this; never let the five letter word be used this summer.

This doesn’t mean you have to be the entertainment guide for the summer. Encourage creative play and get the kids get involved with summer planning. They should have some of the responsibility for their summer schedule.

Vow to make this summer different and it will be.

Frank Walker LMFT