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School Days, #3

Here are a few suggestions from a therapist and ex-teacher for getting the best out of your child’s school year.


  1. Send notes of encouragement to your child’s teacher. Tell them you like the assignments or the way they are doing things. Teachers are under a lot of stress with all that is required of them, give them a boost periodically.

Please, don’t forget the Middle School or High School teachers too. Just because your child is older does not mean the teachers need less support on the contrary they need even more. I say this as a former Middle school and High School teacher who rarely had any positive interactions with the parents of my students. Somehow we have the impression that the older our kids are the less we need to be involved. Teachers need to know that you will back them up and are available to help with your child’s needs. It’s tough on a teacher when the only time they hear from you is when you have a complaint.


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