Parents School Days #9,

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School Days, #9

Here are a few suggestions from a therapist and ex-teacher for getting the best out of your child’s school year.

9. Be a role model for your children, read to them and read for pleasure yourself.

Maybe you didn’t have the best experience in your own experiences with school. Don’t let your bad experiences hinder your child’s impressions of what school can be. Help them understand that an education is important for their future. In fact why don’t you help them dream and plan for that future by emphasizing the importance of the classes they will be taking in school. Let them know why math, history and language arts will be a stepping stone to their future dreams.


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2 thoughts on “Parents School Days #9,

  1. Doctor Love Show

    I like that Frank! I stress the importance of reading to my daughter, and she’s learning so much outside of school. Schooling goes beyond the four walls of a facility. I love reading myself so it runs in my family

    1. frankjwalker

      Thank you.
      Reading is a key. All of my grown kids have that love and I see it passed down to the grandkids too.
      we have similar interests in marriage and families. Let’s keep in contact.

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