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Parents and School


Here is the complete list of suggestions for parent’s involvement with their kid’s school and schooling.


  1. Put your child’s teacher and school on your daily prayer list.
  2. Be proactive. Keep your contact consistent throughout the school year.
  3. Send notes of encouragement to your child’s teacher.
  4. Promote a love for learning in your children and praise their efforts in school work.
  5. Breakfast is so important to your child’s day. Your child needs brain food.
  6. Homework needs to be part of your child’s routine. Enforce a homework time.
  7. Provide a place in your home for school work.
  8. Check backpacks daily.
  9. Be a role model for your children, read to them and read for pleasure yourself.
  10. Make sure your children get a good night’s sleep.


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