A Word from the Word



Genesis 1:31

And God saw all the He had made, and behold, it was very good…


This place, this earth, all that we see that was created by God. It was good.  Not only good, but very good.  Get the picture; God stood back looked at what He made and said, good, very good.  Anything that has happened after that isn’t God’s fault.  A tear in the fabric of that goodness came about because of man’s messing around with a good thing.  How many times have we messed with something that was better off left alone?

How many times have we taken something apart or tried to repair something that should have been left to the experts? It ended up being extra trips to the hardware store and maybe calling in a repair man. All because we didn’t leave good alone.


This is an excerpt from my book

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Frank Walker LMFT