The Four Loves



“The Four Loves” C.S. Lewis


C.S. Lewis wrote of the four loves and we need to understand that love can be many different things and at many different levels.


He wrote about these four stages:




The first love is based on fondness through familiarity and affection. A good example of this is the love a parent has for their child; another example would be the love we have for our family or home town.




This stage is a love exemplified in friendship. Philadelphia is considered the city of brotherly love. A good example we would be the biblical friendship that David had for Johnathon.




The third stage would be the act of being in intimate love, the emotional connection and passion that goes beyond Philio or friendship.




The final stage or highest stage of love is Agape love.

This love is true love, putting aside natural love, for the love of God.


This love is never changing. This Agape love, loves even when rejected.


This is a love that we are called to and it is this unchanging love that we are given by God through His son Jesus.


Frank Walker LMFT


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