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Rules! Rules! Rules!

I am sorry but we have to have rules. There is no way around it.

What are the rules in your household? Does everyone know what they are or do you just make them up as you go along? Here are some family rules that you should consider for your house and some of the reasons why.


  1. Mealtime Manners:

We have lost the civilized way of eating together and table manners.

Every once in a while put a knife, fork, spoon and napkin at each place setting and practice good table manners.

Parents need to model and practice polite table manners and conversations.

Put dinner on plates and try not to eat out of the box or bag.

Have “dinner time” be ground zero for family time and sharing. Take time at dinner to find out what’s going on in everyone’s lives. Mom and dad should share about their day too. Keep the family accountable to one another by sharing your day. The joys, hassles and questions of the day should be part of a polite dinner time conversation.

It has been proven that a family eating dinner together is the one thing a family can do to improve their kid’s grades. Why? Because the kids are accountable to the family for their daily activities they can discuss any issues while eating together at the dinner table.

Frank Walker LMFT


Cambria, Ca.

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