The Christmas Story 7

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Matthew 1:21


It was a common name like John or Ben or Bill. So common that He had to be identified as the Jesus from Nazareth. Jeshua, Joshua (Jesus) was a popular name. Who wouldn’t want their child named after the Old Testament warrior, hero and leader? There were probably several Jesus’ in the local Hebrew school when our Jesus went there. The point here is that our Jesus came into the world as a common, ordinary run of the mill person. No special name, from an un-extraordinary town, and from two ordinary parents. Just like you and me. God has always used the simple things to bring greatness. Simple things like dirt to create man, a nomadic wanderer to father a nation and a shepherd to be king. You don’t have to be great to be great. You have to be like Jesus, ready, available, willing.



Excerpt from the book:

A Word from the Word

A commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

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