5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Stress #1.

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5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Stress.

The holidays are here and they seemed way too come to early this year. Take some advice and get in control of the hassles and stress that comes with this season.

Get into the holiday spirit and not the holiday melt down with these helpful holiday tips.

  1. Downsize the Holidays this year.

Especially with the way the economy has been, you simply can’t afford the expense and stress the holidays bring. Plan on making this season small and comfortable for you and for your pocket book.

If you’re buying a gift for every sibling, aunt, uncle and in-law, set a price limit. Draw names this year and buy for just one nice gift for one person.

Schedule a holiday dinner with friends and don’t give gifts. Focus on enjoying one another’s time.  Remember the season is about making memories. Invest in making a memorable time for one another.



If you are experiencing more than the holiday blues, or think you may be depressed, take control of your mental health by seeking counseling.


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