The Christmas Story 17

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Matthew 2:11

worshiped Him…

These wise men worshiped the child Jesus. We don’t know anything about them. Tradition has given the wise men names and possible places of origin but we know very little. Scripture does tell us they were learned men with enough of a presence that Herod had an audience with them and he believed them. These men came to Bethlehem and worshiped a toddler, a little kid. These astrologers, astronomers, magicians, non-Jews, men of knowledge laid aside their rank and prestige and worshiped Jesus. Why? Because they knew the prophecies of scripture, two, and the star proclaimed it, three, the child in Bethlehem confirmed it. What facts are you denying that are keeping you from worshiping the King?



Excerpt from the book:

A Word from the Word

A commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

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