its not about you..




Yes, you are important.

But there is more to this your story than just you.

Yes you are the star of your own story, but there are other people out there trying to be the star of their own story too.

There are others that have as much right as you do to a good life and a good story.

Somewhere along the line you are going to have to rewrite and rethink your life story. You are going to have to compromise, negotiate and just get along with other people trying to live their stories.

The story that is you is an evolving and ever changing one. It involves  a whole cast and crew that will make up this story of you. In fact your story cannot be made without the help of others.

Yes it’s your story. But the story is not all about you.


Frank Walker LMFT

1617 Main Street

Cambria, Ca 93428