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It drives me crazy when someone says, “I’m bored”.

  • First, boredom is a choice.

The world, society, your school, your friends and your family are not there to entertain you and keep you from being bored. You are not the center of the world and never have been. You can make the choice not to be bored in whatever situation you are in.

  • Second, the world isn’t boring.

If you can’t see the incredible world out there that can stimulate and excite you then you are in real trouble. This planet you are living on is full of stuff that can amaze, astound and invigorate you. Open your eyes. Really open your eyes to the world around you. Be amazed at the people, places and things that are around you.

  • Third, you have a mind and an imagination that can create a whole universe from the inside out.

Use your mind to dream, envision and create. Get ideas and plans for your life and your place in the world. Keep a record of your ideas, write them down. Don’t just vegetate, create. 

  • Fourth, it’s your privilege and responsibility to not be bored.

You create your own boredom. You can create just the opposite.


Corey Allen, talks about boredom in marriage.

You and your spouse are in charge and responsible to keep things new and fresh in your marriage. Are things stale in your married life do something about it.

  • Give your marriage CPR and a new start, a new life.
  • Start with you, excitement is contagious.

Don’t be the boring person in your marriage.

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