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Changing our Thinking…

So much of what we have to deal with doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening. it has to do with how we think about what’s happening.

  • We have a choice in what’s going on in our lives. The choice is to change the way we think about stuff around us.

We have ruined a lot of Monday mornings. Simply because of our bad attitude about going to school, going to work or whatever we perceive as negative in starting a new week.

We really do know if we sat down and thought about it, that going to work and school is a very positive thing for us to do in the long run. Education provides for our future. The jobs we have provides for our physical needs like food and shelter.

I know this all sounds a bit naive and corny but just by changing the way we perceive and think about things can really make Mondays a lot different. Our thinking can make the week and month and year a lot better too.

  • Change your world, your attitude and your thinking. Mondays and every day will seem so much better.


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