Stretch Your Mind…

a mind


 A Mind That is Stretched…

First understand.

You want to grow up. You want to grow out. You don’t want to go back or stay where you are. Really you don’t to stay the way you were.


Because you are a human being.

  • You are not a potted plant or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

You were made to grow and change. Human beings are made for that.

You need to always stretch yourself.

You need to never look back at the good old days. If you think seriously about it the good old days really weren’t that good anyway.

Learn, strive, change and be better than you were.

  • You want to be fully “mature” whole and complete.

Understand, that to be whole and complete you have to  S T R E T C H  beyond where you are now.

You have to move beyond where you were.


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