Stay In Love…

falling in love.



I’m all about falling in love.

This love stuff is great for you, for me and for the world. Lovers are less likely to be haters. We don’t need any more haters.

  • Falling in love is magical, it’s indescribable.

When asked how you first fell in love with that special someone it’s hard to find the right words. You just, well you “fell” into love.

But that falling in love, that head over heals love, just doesn’t last. It really can’t last. Your mind and body just couldn’t take it. Your head would explode and your body would wither away.

  • At some point you have to come up for air.

At some point you have to calm down, come up for air and stand up and do the stuff that has to be done. Like the laundry, the job, the stuff you need to do to make it in the world. You can try to survive on just love, but your stomach is going to start growling in a while.

  • Then comes the choice.

That’s when the choice part comes in. The cares and demands of the world will pull you away. The stress and busyness of the everyday will overwhelm.

Your choice must be to stay in love. To keep loving despite the pressure to fall out of love. To choose love even when he/she seems to be unlovable. Even when you seem to be unlovable.

  • The only love that counts is a love that will last.

Make the choice of a lasting love.


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