So what is Counseling anyway?



  • So what is this counseling thing anyway?

Far too many feel that therapy is some crazy kind of mumbo-jumbo and frankly, who needs it.

Counseling  is simply a place and time for a person to ask questions and get help to find the right answers to a need.

  • It does take work…

With that said, therapy can be a lot of thought provoking work. Therapy can be enlightening and life changing.

  • You are not crazy…

Just because you seek therapy doesn’t mean you’re crazy. In fact, seeking help is the most sane thing you can do.

The therapist is there to listen, learn and to help you put words to a world that is often frustrating and confusing. The therapist is trained to give insight and meaning to what you’re experiencing.

  • It’s Confidential…

Everything  in therapy is confidential. The therapist won’t give you any grief like your neighbor or family member might. Confidentiality is part of the law.

  • The first step…

Your first step in therapy is to make the contact. So give me a call or email me @

Frank Walker LMFT

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2 thoughts on “So what is Counseling anyway?

  1. marriagecoach1

    Hey Frank
    I invite you to endorse and adopt a coaching style paradigm. The average failure rate of a traditonal marriage counselor is a lousy 75%. This is because they do it for one hour once a week to start. If your marriage is in trouble, you need a lot of counseling/coaching in a short period. Would you tolerate a doctor putting you on an antibiotic regimen of 24-28 weeks to cure strep? Another thing is that the average therapist asks, how does that make you feel John, sort of like a reporter shoving a mic in a grieving person’s face and asking them how do they feel? It is a stupid and irrelevant question. The best therapy is to teach couples good conflict resolution skills. Then to be a mediator pointing out to each party how their behavior is dysfunctional and causing problems for the relationship skills.

    I do 4 hour sessions and it has never taken me more than two 4 hour sessions to put a couple back together and my success rate is 80%
    Just saying


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