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Happiness for Others…

in seeking happines



Rule #1

This is the number one rule in the world.

Me, Myself and I.

My happiness, my satisfaction, my wants. Me, Me, Me.

I’m so sorry if you want true happiness you have to be willing to make others happy. In fact your happiness depends on those around you being happy.

  • Life has never been about just you. It’s all about us.
  • Life has never been about just me. It’s all about we.

Try it. Do an experiment. Make others happy. Think of others first. See if it doesn’t change your own life and bring you true happiness.

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If you want it, find it…

if you want it


Somehow we think that luck or magic will happen in our lives and things will be just the way we want them.

If I find the buried treasure. If I win the lottery. If that talent agent sees me. If I get the inheritance. If I find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If I fall in love with a millionaire (maybe a billionaire).

  • If, If If…

If you want something bad enough you have to put in a “four letter word” to get it. You have to work. You have to put in some effort.

  • Work

Do you want to find buried treasure? Then get a shovel, maybe a metal detector, some maps and do some research.

  • Yes some people get lucky.

Yes people get lucky and find some priceless object that makes them wealthy. But the odds are against you if you are just sitting waiting for the treasure to fall in your lap.

  • Most luck is really the result of hard work.

If you want it, put in the effort needed to find it.


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Yesterday is History…




We all worry far too much about what is going to happen.

We fret over what has happened in the past.

So much so that we forget about living in the present moment.

Take a moment, take two or three.

Clear your mind, at least try to.

Look around. There is world you occupy that has much to share and offer. Accept the moment you are in. Enjoy what is happening now.

God is with you right now, acknowledge His presence. You are present, God is present.


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Stretch Your Mind…

a mind


 A Mind That is Stretched…

First understand.

You want to grow up. You want to grow out. You don’t want to go back or stay where you are. Really you don’t to stay the way you were.


Because you are a human being.

  • You are not a potted plant or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

You were made to grow and change. Human beings are made for that.

You need to always stretch yourself.

You need to never look back at the good old days. If you think seriously about it the good old days really weren’t that good anyway.

Learn, strive, change and be better than you were.

  • You want to be fully “mature” whole and complete.

Understand, that to be whole and complete you have to  S T R E T C H  beyond where you are now.

You have to move beyond where you were.


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Be the Change…

you must be the change



So many of us gripe about the world and frankly just sit back and do nothing. 

It’s not supposed to be that way.

Change happens first with your own life and then it moves from there out into the world.

Is there something wrong with your world? Then be the start of the change. Do something.

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How to Avoid Criticism…

do nothing..


To Avoid Criticism…

It is just going to happen. You are going to get on somebody’s nerves and bump into someones ego.

It’s just part of life. It just can’t be helped.

So what do you do?

Don’t breathe, don’t move, don’t say a word and nobody will notice, nobody will care and nobody will get their feathers ruffled.

I am sorry but that isn’t a way to live your life.

You were created unique and different and are the only one with your “You-ness”.

The world cannot miss out on what you in your uniqueness have to offer.

So be prepared for that someone that isn’t going to like the way you do things. There will be someone, there always is.

Just keep doing what you do. Be who you were meant to be.

Be you.


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… Changing our Thinking…

the world..


Changing our Thinking…

So much of what we have to deal with doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening. it has to do with how we think about what’s happening.

  • We have a choice in what’s going on in our lives. The choice is to change the way we think about stuff around us.

We have ruined a lot of Monday mornings. Simply because of our bad attitude about going to school, going to work or whatever we perceive as negative in starting a new week.

We really do know if we sat down and thought about it, that going to work and school is a very positive thing for us to do in the long run. Education provides for our future. The jobs we have provides for our physical needs like food and shelter.

I know this all sounds a bit naive and corny but just by changing the way we perceive and think about things can really make Mondays a lot different. Our thinking can make the week and month and year a lot better too.

  • Change your world, your attitude and your thinking. Mondays and every day will seem so much better.


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… Only Boring People.

no boring..



It drives me crazy when someone says, “I’m bored”.

  • First, boredom is a choice.

The world, society, your school, your friends and your family are not there to entertain you and keep you from being bored. You are not the center of the world and never have been. You can make the choice not to be bored in whatever situation you are in.

  • Second, the world isn’t boring.

If you can’t see the incredible world out there that can stimulate and excite you then you are in real trouble. This planet you are living on is full of stuff that can amaze, astound and invigorate you. Open your eyes. Really open your eyes to the world around you. Be amazed at the people, places and things that are around you.

  • Third, you have a mind and an imagination that can create a whole universe from the inside out.

Use your mind to dream, envision and create. Get ideas and plans for your life and your place in the world. Keep a record of your ideas, write them down. Don’t just vegetate, create. 

  • Fourth, it’s your privilege and responsibility to not be bored.

You create your own boredom. You can create just the opposite.


Corey Allen, talks about boredom in marriage.

You and your spouse are in charge and responsible to keep things new and fresh in your marriage. Are things stale in your married life do something about it.

  • Give your marriage CPR and a new start, a new life.
  • Start with you, excitement is contagious.

Don’t be the boring person in your marriage.

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its not about you..




Yes, you are important.

But there is more to this your story than just you.

Yes you are the star of your own story, but there are other people out there trying to be the star of their own story too.

There are others that have as much right as you do to a good life and a good story.

Somewhere along the line you are going to have to rewrite and rethink your life story. You are going to have to compromise, negotiate and just get along with other people trying to live their stories.

The story that is you is an evolving and ever changing one. It involves  a whole cast and crew that will make up this story of you. In fact your story cannot be made without the help of others.

Yes it’s your story. But the story is not all about you.


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Don’t Live in Your Inbox

don't live in your inbox


I know it can be addicting. The tweets, friends, posts, pins, texts, blogs, etc., etc. and whatever are calling your name.

But understand life does not take place in your inbox.

Life takes place in the living breathing world around you.

Put that device down. I mean it, put it down!

Stand up, stretch, look around and engage in the three dimensional world around you.

You live in that world not your inbox.


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